Breakwall VPN client software for Windows (support PPTP, Cisco Anyconnect, ShadowSocks, and Cisco IPSec)

1. Download the breakwall vpn client software:
Current Version: 5.01.161017

Click here click here to download the automatic installer.

2. Open the zip file and double click bw_client_setup.exe

3. You will receive a Windows SmartScreen warning. Click ‘More Information” and the button “Run anyway” will appear. Click “Run anyway”

(If cannot install,
click here to download the zip file. Unzip it and click ‘bw_client’ to run.)

4. Click Connect, the Breakwall screen will disappear and a Wall icon will appear in your system tray (right bottom corner where you adjust sound volume) It will change to pink and start moving.

5. Seconds later, after successful connection, the icon turns green.

Note: Sometimes you cannot find the Wall icon in your system tray after running the breakwall vpn client. It’s hidden here:

6. To disconnect, click on the Wall icon in your system tray and click “Disconnect”

HINT: If VPN shows as connected but you still cannot open blocked sites, disconnect and then tick “Use google DNS” and connect again.

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10 comments on “Breakwall VPN client software for Windows (support PPTP, Cisco Anyconnect, ShadowSocks, and Cisco IPSec)
  1. VPNReviewz says:

    Nice Job .. Your client is really coming along nicely ..

    We will be writing this up :)

    Thanks Fan

  2. Bob says:

    It’s possible to specify a network adapetr?
    I’ve twho network adapters and i need to use the second in the priority list (Control-Panel – Network – Advanced Settings).

    • Fan Yi says:

      Hi Bob,

      The client program will use your current Internet connection. It will work as long as you are connected to the Internet.


  3. rae tsang says:

    hey hi

    i am a new user.. y’s tha i cant use the breakwall?? do i need download anything??

    pls reply.. tks


  4. rae tsang says:


    me again:

    Use this client to connect via pptp, l2tp and openVPN. No need to set up or download or edit configuration files. openVPN has never been easier!

    should i need download tha stuff??


  5. Tim says:

    Hi, Nice job! I am using the client without problem. But please make the password hidden (*****) and not clear. Yes I want to save it but no to show the password to everyone who look on my PC.

  6. geoffrey mee says:

    Im in west oz. Will this serve me well from here?

  7. Arielle says:

    Great VPN great service! Highly recommend this company … i have tried many but this so far is the fastest and the most stable VPN.

    Great work!!

  8. Liam says:

    Fan Yi, the new client makes life incredibly easy, not just for the PC but also for Android 4+.

    Thanks for sticking with your clients and solving the constant headaches for us here in China :)

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