apnp: the best and only set-and-forget “VPN” for iphone/ipad

If you use iphone/ipad, try APNP as a replacement for VPN. It’s just amazingly great.

The best thing about APNP is that it’s completely set-and-forget. You do not need to connect and then disconnect manually. It just works when you need it. For a VPN, you need some seconds to connect but not APNP. For regular VPN, your phone needs to keep connected to a VPN server and it will consume batter powery, but not APNP!

You may have heard of APN: Access Point Name. It’s a gateway server that your phones connect to for Internet access. People used to need to setup their APN info manually on their phones to connect to the Internet. It’s all automatic now. By default, your phone’s APN is provided by your service provider, China Unicom or China Telecom. APNP is APN proxy: you can change the APN server to a special one. And if the new APN server has FULL Internet access (twitter, facebook…), then you can access these websites too!

In a word, APNP works just as if it doesn’t exist! The only difference is, of course, you get full access to a real Internet in China.

Not many VPN providers have APNP and it’s usually more expensive than VPN. The reason is that it takes two servers to provide a APNP. While you only need one overseas VPN server, for APNP, another server inside China is needed as a relayer. China servers are much more expensive and the bandwidth price is prohibitive.

Why would you need a relayer server inside China? This is because the connection between your phone and the APN server is unencrypted plain Internet (the normal Internet). As you need encryption to go through the China Wall, the APN server is then connecting to another overseas server with encryption. When using APNP, you connect to a relayer server in China first and then that server directs your requests to another server outside China.

APNP is usually faster and more reliable as your are actually connecting to a server in China.

A couple of providers have this service but they are usually expensive. Breakwall APNP comes as a upgrade to the existing VPN system and is provided to all breakwall users with no extra charge. Instead of selling each method as separate products, we prefer to offer all possible methods to all users.

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  1. dudusereo says:

    wow this sounds great! tutorial please!

  2. root says:

    tutorial please! we need it

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