Q: Breakwall doesn’t work!
A: Run setup wizard again to try a different connection method. For the Windows client, go to the setup screen and try different connection methods.

Q: Breakwall works but slow!
A: Try different servers at different locations. It happens that your connection to a server suddenly becomes very unstable. No, our server is not overburdened.

Q: Breakwall used to work well but not now!
A: Switch to a different connection method. There are many. Cisco Ipsec used to work well for me but now it’s very unstable. I blame my ISP.

Q: I got an authentication error with Cisco IPsec.
A: Change your password. Log on at https://breakwall.net/login and then click “My account” to do that.

Q: VPN Connection on Mac disconnects every hour or so.
A: Avoid using Cisco Ipsec on Mac. It’s a Mac ‘feature’ to disconnect Cisco IPsec. It wants to be secure.
Q: I used up my data transfer! That’s impossible!
A: 10 Gib will be used up quickly if watch videos or downloading. Both download and upload are counted into the data transfer. Upgrade to a bigger plan by logging on to the client area and your acount will be unlocked immediately.
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