Use Spdy Proxy for Chrome!

1. First you need to have the chrome browser. Go to to download and install if you haven’t.

2. Click to open the following link using Chrome and then click ADD TO CHROME. Then you will receive a warning message. Ignore the message and click Add.
breakwall spdy

If you cannot open the link above, you will have to install the extension manually. Click here for instructions.

3. Breakwall setup page opens, enter your breakwall username and password. Pick a server and then click “Save”.
breakwall spdy

4. Single click the wall icon to the right to the address bar and the wall icon turns green. That’s it! Click again to disconnect.
breakwall spdy

To change server, right click on the wall icon and then choose “options”.

You do not need to run the Breakwall VPN client for Windows or for Mac to use this method.

Thank you Shimon for the incentive, the idea and the icons!

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11 comments on “Use Spdy Proxy for Chrome!
  1. carl says:

    That is so simple.

  2. servaas says:

    Great stuff! Thanks to the developers!

  3. Jatin says:

    Hi ,

    i can not add Google Chrom Proxy
    it gives error ” Apps,Extentions,and user scripts can not be added from this website “

  4. Alex Miller says:

    I had the same problem as Jatin. Had to open the extension list at chrome://extensions and drag it in to there.

  5. Yi Fan says:

    Do not left click the link to download. Right click and then click “Save link as” to save it to desktop.

  6. Rex says:

    This is AWESOME! Thanks you very much!!!

  7. Yi fan says:

    Hi Everyone,

    This new system is still very very beta. The server side still has serious problems. Expect it to crash!


  8. Yi fan says:

    Just fixed a nasty bug on the servers. Should be good now.

  9. Tim says:

    Good Job. Works great.

  10. carl says:

    What would be good, is if there was an option so you can make it log out or prompt for password each time it is turned on. For shared work computer reasons.

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