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May 05, 2012 by Alex Clark

This service is the best fit for me. I live in China and had lots of problems with other VPN providers in the past. Larger is not necessarily better. After almost 2 months with BreakWall, no problems whatsoever. Every single question I had was answered promptly. Setup instructions on their website are clear, easy tools are provided to facilitate installation and use. Bandwidth restrictions don’t bother me as my online activities don’t involve excessive use of video streaming. I am more interested in reliability and here BreakWall delivers.

May 03, 2012 by Liam

I’ve been using Breakwall for over 6 weeks, first testing the basic for a month and upgraded from basic to the next plan within a month for a years supply as the new online life they’ve given me means I need more bandwidth (blogspots are back).
They have been since the beginning a service (hope they remain that way), always quickly helping out if any problem, making connection apps to make life easier for non-tecchy people (just click and go type apps) etc.
The real beauty about their service is that they want the access they give us and so if you’re down, they are too. The best incentive I feel to make sure you’re always online. In other words, they’ll fix their own connection problems double quick meaning they fix your problem at the same time.
There are other providers that are cheaper and do not restrict bandwidth (upload/download) but the others have other restrictions I do not like. BWVPN allows you to connect to multiple servers as often as you like from multiple points at the same time with one account. So leave it on working away at home, while at work you can also connect to do something else.
Speed depends on too many things to say it is good, it is bad. Where you are connecting to, how busy their server is etc. Generally the speeds are good enough to get you where you want to be. Personally, I get what I want (eg a dload link), switch off and then dload what I need at normal high speeds. Then switch back on for the next.
A thumbs up service – recommended.

May 03, 2012 by Sebastian

Specialist. It is my second VPN provider, first one have a lot of problems and I can’t connect via server. When I found BreakWall VPN, I have little worry, but now I know : HE IS SPECIALIST. Thx.

May 03, 2012 by Michael

A cost-effective solution to bypass GFW in PRC compared to offerings by other vendors.
I can access virtually every website I want to visit via various terminals such as Ipad2,PC and Android HTC phone.
Post-sale service/tech-support is prompt and awesome as well!
Many servers around the globe.
2 thumbs up!

Apr 25, 2012 by Greg Parker, efficient, effective with mutiple server choice And cheap. Its savvy not klutz And it works plus get the feeling its a service more than a grab me. Also, playing kano apps(fb apps), american servers are busy, too busy at times and can crash ; offshore servers bypass this problem. Of course, any ‘foreigner’ abroad can rest assured that they can live a normal online life unnoticed. Its good, in fact – its All good….and if yre a bounty hunter, its fast

Mar 21, 2012 by A happy user

am so happy.
going to cry.
I have 2000+ friends at facebook.

BreakWall VPN , China 4.8 5.0 86 86 Tried many VPN service for use in China , big names like atrill ,extremeVPN even vyprVPN - no throwing words but ABSOLUTELY BEST , Most Stable And Fastest VPN service compare all o